Jane Chang

Dr Jane Chang is the CEO of GRITse, a social enterprise which seeks to Empower entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and contribute to their wider communities through social innovation. A visionary leader who incorporates social change and practical entrepreneurship education in everything she does, Jane brings together an impressive eclectic mix of skills and experience. Jane is an influencer on Linkedin, and a public speaker and co-creator of SOCIAL INNOVATION FOR TEAM LEARNING (SITEL).

She has previously initiated a portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures, recently co-founded Social Innovation Movement with Dr Ainurul, an NGO in Malaysia. Currently, Jane teaches at Coventry University London campus and a visiting researcher at the University of Buckingham. She is a specialist scholar of cognitive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education with a passion for bridging academia with real-world impact. Jane has lived in London for the past 14 years with her husband and two sons.